Brewin-Hall David

David Brewin-Hall

Software Engineer III / Tech Lead

Name:Brewin-Hall David
Date of birth:
Address:San Diego, CA
With over 10 years of professional technical experience, I am an agile and energetic software developer with a passion for delivering solutions that engage and delight customers. With a deep and comprehensive background in software design and delivery, I enjoy meeting every challenge and delivering customer value through real-world results that meet their evolving needs.



1. Forcepoint LLC

Software Engineer II

Developed key components of Forcepoint’s Web Security solution using core Java technologies, assuming additional responsibilities of improving and updating UI interfaces, maintaining the installer, and building upon robust SIEM integration technology.


2. Forcepoint LLC

Software Engineer III / Tech Lead

Assumed the role of senior tech lead for an energetic team of developers to design, deliver, and maintain core services built on the AWS platform for Forcepoint’s Dynamic Edge Protection software.


3. Palomar College

Student Computer Lab Technician

As a student computer lab technician, my responsibilities included providing support for the CSIS System Administrator in monitoring and deploying computers across several computer labs, performing hardware and software diagnosis, and assisting teachers and students as necessary with labs or assignments.


4. American Internet Services

Assistant NOC Manager

As second shift NOC assistant manager at American Internet Services, a premiere colocation and hosting provider in the San Diego region, led a team of NOC engineers in the monitoring, maintenance and overall management of data center functionality which provided services for a multitude of clients, including several large Fortune 500 clients.

  • Worked with peers to develop project goals and delegate tasks to team members to ensure projects were completed on time and with minimal impact to data center operations across several data centers in San Diego county
  • Responsible for enforcing security protocols to meet client requirements, ensuring that company and client property remained secure 24/7
  • Worked with NOC managers and engineers in disaster scenario preparation and mitigation plans

5. Heavy Water IT Lead

IT Lead

Responsible for upgrading existing workgroup-based network into a domain-centric model, increasing security through enforcement of policies, maintaining on-site hardware, and deploying software updates as required to ensure a stable and workflow positive environment.

  • Implemented a network topology suitable for a small business with an emphasis on domain security through Active Directory and controlled inbound/outbound traffic via managed firewall
  • Configured and managed systems included domain controllers, data servers, workstations, routers, firewalls, VPN services, and backup solutions that involved daily incremental backups and an on-site/off-site NAS solution to meet the company’s changing needs

6. Heavy Water Software Developer

Software Developer

Instrumental in delivering over a dozen high-visibility projects for the Sony PlayStation ® Home platform. As principle programmer for Heavy Water, projects included the creation of engaging experiences for Sony Computer Entertainment, Disney, Ford, Toyota, and others. Led the design, architecture, and implementation of systems for this complex digital content, pushing the boundaries of the PS3-based online game engine with innovative solutions and out-of-the-box thinking.

  • Instrumental in the design, architecture, and implementation of modular and re-usable code libraries that were used across multiple projects, improving software development efficiency and time-to-market through the development and implementation of best practices and reusable design patterns
  • As the technical expert on Sony PlayStation Home, applied in-depth understanding of system internals, SDK and APIs both as a resource for the team and as part of the implementation, delivering a client-based networking framework that delivered solutions for in-game analytics and metrics

7. Asset Science

Software Developer

Designed and developed core components for the flagship product, Re-Cell Suite™, leveraging Java technology that provided user interaction, concurrent device communications, and the collection and transmission of data used by Asset Science servers for analytics.

  • Led the Agile design, development, implementation and review of core Re-Cell Suite™ functionality. Stability and quality were maintained as the product evolved, delivering new enhancements and customer-driven features on a regular basis
  • Co-developed the Diagnostics component of the Re-Cell Suite™ version 2.0 software leveraging legacy knowledge of the existing system and expected process flow in the design
  • Developed a client-side tool to retrieve XML data from Asset Science’s database server to decrypt, parse, and store results in csv format for customer-focused metric purposes



1. Associate of Arts in General Studies

Palomar College
San Marcos, California
Dec. ‘06

2. Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

National University
Magna Cum Laude San Diego, California
Cumulative GPA 3.717 Jan. ‘15