Avalon Keep Apartment

Avalon Keep Apartment


Heavy Water’s Avalon apartment environment was one of the largest and most robust spaces when it launched on PlayStation® Home. Here, players were the master of their own castle that floated high among the clouds. The space included several mini-games, had a transitioning day/night cycle, and a slew of virtual goods for the player that was interested in exploring and uncovering all the secrets that lay within.


As the principle software developer and co-designer for this project, my contributions included:

  • Helped design the space and the larger Avalon universe that would be developed over the course of several months and releases
  • Implemented a day/night cycle that was automatic or controllable by the player
  • Developed the Dragonfly Mini-game where players could fly around the space like no other apartment before
  • Implemented the deferred asset-loading mechanic that allowed the space to have a larger-than-usual memory footprint by loading certain assets in and out of memory with Home HDK API calls
  • Created mechanic that allowed players to swap between house colors based on aesthetic desires
  • Responsible for continued development of client-side communication code required for networked data and telemetry
  • Responsible for all core mechanics of the environment
  • Assisted in quality assurance testing of game(s)


Included Minigames:

  • Day/Night Sundial
  • Dragonfly Mini-game
  • Decoration Controller
  • Gift Machine

Interactive Components:

  • NPCs
  • Doors and gateways
  • Dynamic asset loading

Additional Media: