D2O Public Environment

D2O Public Environment


Heavy Water’s public environment was created to showcase all of Heavy Water’s virtual goods on PlayStation® Home in one convenient place. The environment was themed in a post-apocalyptic vibe and exemplified Heavy Water’s style.


In addition, players could fly around and experience the environment from previously unexplored heights thanks to the included Surveillance Helicopter. Using this vehicle, players were able to be transported to unreachable locations via conventional means.


As the principle software developer for this project, my contributions included:

  • Developed the Surveillance Helicopter Minigame
  • Implemented code components for flying vehicles
  • Assisted with environment code to facilitate audio and visual enhancements
  • Assisted in quality assurance testing


The environment included storefronts for:

  • Avalon
  • Emo Ray vs The Intergalactic Teddy Bears
  • Heavy Strike
  • Heavy Ink
  • Pinups
  • Heavy Pets
  • Heavy Peeps

Included Minigames:

  • Surveillance Helicopter

Additional Media: