Diamond Beach Mansion

Diamond Beach Mansion


The Diamond Beach Mansion was designed to be the opulent personal apartment counterpart to the x7 VIP Club. With gorgeous views, a spacious floor plan, and tons of interactive features, it was the perfect apartment for anyone who wanted to get away on their own private island and have a few friends over.


The Diamond Beach Mansion was designed to be released in several stages, enabling users to purchase the 1st and 2nd floors separately along with a spacious backyard pool. Alternatively, the Diamond Beach Mansion could be used as a Clubhouse space to invite even more friends over within PlayStation® Home. Furthermore, the Diamond Beach-themed spaces (Mansion, Yacht Club, and Yacht) were all accessible via an in-game boat that would automatically take players to their destination and handle instance loading.


As one of the key software developers for this project, my contributions included:

  • Led a small team of developers to tackle this larger than normal project
  • Implemented a day/night cycle similar to the one experienced in the Avalon Keep apartment space
  • Developed a flora system that would load/unload assets based on player position and orientation to optimize memory usage and framerate
  • Utilized the deferred asset-loading mechanic to allow the space to be larger than normal and provide that grandiose feeling
  • Responsible for continued development of client-side communication code required for networked data and telemetry


Included Minigames:

  • Day/Night mechanic
  • Fish tank with interactive assets
  • Gift machine
  • Private motor boat

Interactive Components:

  • Pet lion
  • Fish swarms
  • Appliances
  • Doorways
  • Lighting elements
  • Entertainment center

Additional Media: