Ford Showroom

Ford Showroom


Ford Motor Company ran a promotional event within PlayStation® Home where players could learn about upcoming car models, play several mini-games that took them to several environments in PlayStation® Home, and win several virtual goods in the process. Games that were spread throughout Home were part of a scavenger hunt that players had to participate in to fully unlock all virtual goods.


As a software developer for this project, my contributions included:

  • Development of the Maze Navigation mini-game
  • Development of the Guitar Hero-esque Rhythm Game
  • Assisted with environment code to facilitate audio and visual enhancements
  • Responsible for continued development of client-side communication code required for networked data and telemetry
  • Assisted in quality assurance testing


Mini-games included in project:

  • Vehicle Interior Perspective
  • Maze Navigation
  • Tile Slider Puzzle
  • Rhythm Game

Additional Media: