Hexalon Village

Hexalon Village


Heavy Water’s Hexalon Village public environment was the companion space released with the Avalon apartment on PlayStation® Home. This release introduced several additional features, including the popular tile-based game, Hexx, where players could compete against one another for prizes and a top spot on the leaderboard.


As the principle software developer and co-designer for this project, my contributions included:

  • Helped design the space and the larger Avalon universe that would be developed over the course of several months and releases
  • Imported the Dragonfly mini-game where players could fly around the space and collect crystals as part of the Crystal Hunt mini-game
  • Adapted existing code for the Dragon Flight mini-game where players could fly on the back of a mighty dragon, launch fireballs, and collect crystals as part of the Crystal Hunt mini-game
  • Introduction of the Crystal Hunt mini-game where players could collect crystals throughout the space and turn them in for rewards, including unique Hexx tiles
  • Developed the mechanic where players could donate to a house of their choice as part of a community event and change the house banners for the next week
  • Responsible for continued development of client-side communication code required for networked data, including cross-instance data, and telemetry
  • Optimized existing code-base to improve frame rate and decrease LUA garbage collection
  • Responsible for all core mechanics of the environment
  • Assisted in quality assurance testing of game(s)


Included Mini-games:

  • Hexx
  • Crystal Hunt
  • Dragonfly mini-game
  • Dragon Flight mini-game

Interactive Components:

  • NPCs
  • VIP Chamber

Additional Media: