RC Rally

RC Rally


Heavy Water’s RC Rally public environment let players control RC vehicles and race them against other players in the middle of a construction yard in PlayStation® Home. Players could play on one of several track configurations, play on their own or with friends, beat personal and world record times, unlock vehicle upgrades, and collect virtual items for their avatar and personal apartments.


As the principle software developer for this project, my contributions included:

  • Developed the vehicle workbench for users to customize their RC vehicles
  • Co-developed prototype vehicle mechanics
  • Implemented re-usable code libraries that would continue to be used and expanded upon in future projects
  • Co-developed core functionality of RC Rally, including multiplayer and race mechanics
  • Wrote client-side implementation of server communication code required for networked data and telemetry
  • Assisted in quality assurance testing of game(s)
  • Worked alongside SCEA representatives for testing, promotional, and requirements validation


Included Minigames:

  • RC Rally Singleplayer
  • RC Rally Multiplayer
  • RC Rally Workbench

Additional Media: