Heavy Water Software Developer

Instrumental in delivering over a dozen high-visibility projects for the Sony PlayStation ® Home platform. As principle programmer for Heavy Water, projects included the creation of engaging experiences for Sony Computer Entertainment, Disney, Ford, Toyota, and others. Led the design, architecture, and implementation of systems for this complex digital content, pushing the boundaries of the PS3-based online game engine with innovative solutions and out-of-the-box thinking.

  • Instrumental in the design, architecture, and implementation of modular and re-usable code libraries that were used across multiple projects, improving software development efficiency and time-to-market through the development and implementation of best practices and reusable design patterns
  • As the technical expert on Sony PlayStation Home, applied in-depth understanding of system internals, SDK and APIs both as a resource for the team and as part of the implementation, delivering a client-based networking framework that delivered solutions for in-game analytics and metrics